Bethany Johnson


The east austin studio tour is coming up. Join the hundreds (thousands?) of art pilgrims wandering the east side from November 8-18. I will be participating in the group show On the Double organized for the tour by Dutton Gallery, as well as the massive log jam show of over 200 E.A.S.T. participants.


If you’re in Houston this weekend, some of my drawings can be found at the moody gallery and Dutton Gallery booths at the second annual texas contemporary art fair.


I am flattered to have received two lovely reviews of my show (still up at moody gallery through August 18th). It was a pleasure to get to know Meredith Deliso at the opening, who wrote this review. And also check out this review by Todd Camplin at


I am delighted to announce my first solo show with moody gallery in Houston this summer. It’s a beautiful space and I’m looking forward to a great looking show. The opening is July 14th, and the show will be up for a month.

Also, I will be participating in the first annual west austin studio tour this year. It takes place on Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th. Please come out; my studio is located at number 155 on the W.E.S.T. map.


Several of my works will be shown at Champion Contemporary for art night austin on February 25th.


Portfolio update: My newest body of work, Woven Landscapes, is now available for viewing under the portfolio tab. This ongoing group of works was begun during my residency in Germany this past fall.


Portfolio update: I added a new body of work today. This work was completed during my residency at the Vermont Studio Center this past August. Please visit the new link (Elemental Index) under the portfolio tab to check it out.


Portfolio update: Please visit the portfolio tab to view my newest pieces. I’ve added my two newest, ongoing groups of drawings: Surface Scanned and Stacked Lakes. These are all pieces completed as I was finishing up my MFA degree this spring.


I have redesigned my website again, which I realize is irrelevant information if this is your first visit, and already very obvious if it is not. Either way, I hope that the new design will prove self-explanatory.